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Volunteer Information

We are always looking for qualified candidates who wish to be a part of the Generals’ program. If you are interested, please submit a volunteer application via email to crystal@sandiegogenerals.org. We thank you in advance for your time, effort, and energy!

All approved volunteers (Coaches, Team AD’s, Team Medics, Team Parent, etc) will be subject to a background check through Protect Youth Sports, a nationally recognized background screening provider that currently serves over 12,000 clients across the country. The cost is $12.00, and is required at the time of sign in. Please click on the link below to be redirected to their site. (Click Here To Start Background Check)

All team football coaches, cheer coaches, and ADs are required to print out our conference’s Rule Book to bring to their affiliated clinics. Please click on the link to access our 2017 SCJAAF Rule Book.

Download Volunteer Application (Coaches, AD’s, Team Mom, Team Medic, e.t.c)

***All Volunteers are required to be certified in Adult, Child & Baby First Aid , CPR & AED.*** 

The certification source cost $25.
American Red Cross Online Certification Course


All Coaches MUST:

1. Complete background screening through Protect Youth Sports (Click Here To Start Background Check)

2. Complete Concussion Certification Course through NFHS Learn.

3. Attend Coaches clinic for Conference Certification.

4. Coaches are required to purchase their coaches shirt this season. Money must be turned in to the Treasurer no later than August 1st.

Any person attending who does not sign in may not get credit for attending, so please be sure to sign in upon arrival to the clinic.

Download Head & Assistant Coaches Duties

Register for a Coaches’ clinic


Athletic Directors

All Athletic Directors MUST:

1. Complete Background Screening through Protect Youth Sports. (Click Here To Start Background Check)

2. 2. Complete Concussion Certification Course through NFHS Learn.

3. Attend A.D. clinic for Conference certification.

Register for an A.D. clinic

All A.D.s must register 10 days prior to the clinic date, and are required to let our Chapter A.D.s know before attending so they can submit your name to conference. Any discrepancies may cause a delay in Certification. All ADs must have Chapter approval or Certification can be denied.