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Feel free to send us a message. Fill out the online form and we contact you shortly. You can also call us @ 619-352-0428 or follow us on Facebook. @SanDiegoGenerals
Crystal Souder

Email: crystals@sandiegogenerals.org
Phone: 1-352-284-0122

Kevin Deberg

Commissioner/Equipment Manager
Email: kevin@sandiegogenerals.org
Phone: 1-760-680-1794

James Souder

Email: james@sandiegogenerals.org
Phone: 1-253-225-2896

Crystal Pittman

Chapter Athletic Director
Email: crystalp@sandiegogenerals.org
Phone: 1-619-631-2843

Kris Eldridge

Assistant Deputy Commissioner
Email: kris@sandiegogenerals.org
Phone: 1-469-297-0417