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About San Diego Generals


The San Diego Generals is the first San Diego team participating in the Southern California Junior All-American Football (SCJAAF) family of youth leagues. The desire of the Generals is to increase the visibility and impact in the youth league that are nonexistent in San Diego. The San Diego Generals will focus on a more concentrated geographic location and will emphasize physical athleticism, physical health and wellness, character development and scholastic excellence. The San Diego Generals goals are to create a cohesive youth athletic program in which participants can develop and enhance personal character, sportsmanship, wellness, academic integrity and civic responsibility. The Generals will continue to fall under the governance of SCJAAF and will abide by the guidelines set forth by the organization. The San Diego Generals is more than a youth football organization.

What We Do

  • Health and fitness for players and parents of the community.
  • Taking kids out of their gang and drug environment by showing them better options.
  • Allowing for affordable payments by supplementing cost to low income parents.
  • Community clean up events.
  • Providing the kids free water and equipment.
  • Providing educational tutoring, Mentorship and transportation.
  • Providing after game meals.
  • Sponsor and make accommodations for special needs children to participate in sports.
  • Bring multicultural community together.
  • Teamed up with Thankful Thinking and All Net basketball to provide alternative sports and opportunities.

Mission Statement

To inspire hope and to work in partnership with local families to create a more united community through participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. Through their active participation, our programs teach fundamental values, health and well-being, increasing knowledge and develop vital life skills our children will use throughout their lives.



To prepare youngsters to face their futures through responsibility, honesty and self-discipline, it teaches them to be accountable for their actions.  Through positive aspirations, academic preparedness, and patience, it teaches them to rely on their hard work, training and knowledge for a successful outcome.   Through teamwork and sportsmanship, they learn that life is not an individual journey. If we teach them positive lessons, such as playing by the rules, and importance of giving to the community our young athletes will learn to live by the rules and learn to change their conditions.

San Diego Generals are dedicated to teaching youth through positive role models, fostering confidence and a sense of self-worth, in players that extend beyond the gridiron and into the school, family and community.

Helping kids become leaders in life and in their communities by lending members support.

To provide travel youth football and cheer ALL-INCLUSIVE, by not excluding participants based on superficial factors (such as weight, finances or athletic ability).

To encourage programs for special needs, at-risk and anti-gang groups, as well as the international football community.


To encourage and increase youth participation in football, cheerleading and dance.

To ensure a safe and positive playing environment for all participants.

To instill life-long values of teamwork, dedication and a superior work ethic in the classroom and on the playing field.


Positive Experiences

SCJAAF programs have no tryouts or cutting of rosters. Everyone participates under mandatory rules of play. On-field coaching is allowed for younger age levels.

Individual awards are given only for academic excellence, not for on-field activities.


Safe Playing Environment

Players are matched by age and weight levels. There are strict mandatory equipment requirements. An enforced national rule book incorporates time-tested rules.

A full-time Executive staff supports all local associations and assists in sound policy creation.